How To Install Window Tint At Home ?

Have you ever wondered how is a window tint being installed? Here come some useful tips. First of all, what you need are window tint, plastic wiper, rubber wiper, pencil knife, cloth and water spray with soap in it.


Step 1: Clean the window with a penknife. Remember to remove all the dirt and dust carefully and wipe it up with a piece of clean cloth.

Step 2: Spray the window with soap and again scrub it with a penknife. Remember not to injured yourself.

Step 3: Remove the tint liner and spray it with soap. Before this step, you can spray some soap on any window and place the tint on the window. It will help you to remove the tint liner easily without wrinkle. Then remove the transparent liner on one side of the tint. Then spray that side of the tint with soap so that later it can adhere on the window easily. Ensure each and every corner of the tint is covered with soap.

Step 4: Spray the window with soap and apply the tint. Spray the window you wanted to tint with soap and apply the side of the tint which is covered with soap to the window. Ensure that every corner of the tint is aligned with the window as you do not want any sunlight to pass through the untinted part.

Step 5: Cut off the excess tint and fix it. After you have applied the tint fully on the window, use a penknife to cut off the excess tint. Then use a rubber wipe to wipe through all the surface of the tint in order to remove all the bubbles. Remember not to be too hard as you will destroy the tint. However if you are too soft, the bubbles could not be removed fully. A plastic wiper is used to remove the bubbles at the edges and the corners.


Then a nicely tinted window is done. Looking for a window tint expert at low price? Contact us for free consultation.

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