About Window Tinted


Installing a car tinted is very common in Malaysia, almost 90% car users in Malaysia will installed it.

During the hot weather, window film tinted can help to reduce and reflect infra red , ultra violet and glare from the sun that get into our car from the windscreens. At the meanwhile it won’t blocking your vision by looking outside. It is very significant that a car with tinted will be more comfortable and cooler while driving than a car without any tinted.



We can find variety of window film brands in Malaysia, those international brands like V-Kool, 3M, LUMAR etc and local house brands as NS COOL,  SUNRAYS, 3S COOL etc are offering different range quality of window film. Normally window film tinted can be classified by price and the quality. Those international brands are selling more higher price compare to local house brands. This is because international brands only selling very high aim and quality window film,  but local house brand they have more products variety from low to high aim quality enable fulfill the market needs. Hence, is very important to compare the product with the product and not brand with the brand.

Sunlight us a portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun, in particular infrared(IR), visible(VL) and ultraviolet (UV) light . IR has longer wavelengths of 780nm to 2500nm  than those visible light ,IR invisible to human eye, it can only sense by heat. UV has300nm-380nm which shorter wavelengths than IR, it also invisible by human eyes, it harmful to human skin. VL is day light that entering into your car and room, it has 380nm-780nm wavelength.

As you can see 53% of the sun’s energy comes to us un the infrared spectrum. 44% from the visible light spectrum, and 3% from the Ultra Violet spectrum. All of these three areas make up what is known as the Solar Spectrum and they combined energy is what we referring ‘ TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY’. Window films are designed to filter 3 part of the solar spectrum at once. By looking at the window  filmUV , IR and VL we can calculate the Total solar energy rejection TSER.

Example : Solar Green : IR :95%, UV:99%, VLT : 70% = TSER : 66.52%

The TSER of the window does not mean it can lower the temperature in the car or room, but they can reduce the rate that energy enter which helps reduce the load placed air conditioning systems. The greater the glass area , the greater the impact window film can have on gear transfer into or out of a room. Hence, it is very important to choose a higher TSER film and not the brand of the film.


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