Spend Less For Good Tint

How to spend less for good tint? I would like to share some useful tips here, you can get your whole car tint done below RM500. Normally in the market, good heat rejection tint with Infra Red: 94% and above costs at least RM1000 or some branded tint would even cost RM2000 and above! Image result for shock emojiImage result for shock emojiImage result for shock emoji If you have sufficient budget, then it wouldn’t be any problem. However, most of the consumers have limited budget. So I would like to share some tips on how you spend RM500 wisely to get a high heat rejection tint.

Firstly, you need to know more on the car windows’ structure. You will found that the front windscreen is the largest in size which means most of the heat and sunlight will come in through the front windscreen. So the front windscreen must be installed with good quality tint like IR: 94% and above. Next, the driver seat and the shotgun seat (the seat beside driver) are mostly occupied.  So the door glasses on the right and left of the driver seat should be installed with good quality tint. The air-conditioner is also at the front part of the car, so I would like to emphasize that the 3 glasses at the front part of the car need to be installed with good quality tint. Nevertheless, good quality tint is also clearer which is safer for driver’s view.

However, the back door glasses and rear windscreen can be installed with lower quality tint which I would suggest to use tint with IR:70% and above as the effect would be better. According to the latest JPJ rules, there is no limit on the darkness of the tint. As darker tint can block more sunlight so the passengers’ seat won’t be too hot. I believe that with these tips you can definitely spend less with good tint.



  • Front windscreen & Front door glasses: >94% IR good quality tint
  • Back door glasses & Rear windscreen: 70% IR with darker shade tint

如何花小钱又能黏到好的隔热膜? 这里想分享一些小 tips, RM500以下就可以搞定。 通常市面上好的隔热膜 Infra Red (IR/ 隔热度): 94% 以上都要花最少RM1000以上, 一些知名大牌子的甚至要RM2000以上!Image result for shock emojiImage result for shock emojiImage result for shock emoji如果经济条件允许, 那当然不是问题, 再贵的都可以贴。可是一般消费者可能没有这种条件, 所以以下我想分享的是如何用RM500 以下贴到又隔热又好的Tinted。


首先, 我们必须了解汽车玻璃的结构。 我们会发现前挡玻璃是最大幅的, 也就是说前挡玻璃渗透进入车内的热能是最多的。 所以前挡一定一定要用IR:94% 以上的隔热膜。 再来, 司机左右两边的座位大多数都会有人坐,所以也要用好的隔热膜。 空调的出口也在前方, 所以再次强调前面3幅玻璃一定要用好的隔热膜。隔热度高和好的隔热膜也比较清晰,让驾驶比较安全。

那么后方座位及后挡玻璃相对的可以用比较低档的隔热膜。 我建议用IR: 70%以上的,效果会比较好。 还有后方座位的新规则没有规定暗度, 也就是说多黑都可以。 比较黑的Tinted也相对的可以阻挡更多的光线, 所以坐在后面也不会那么晒。 这样RM500 就可以搞定了。



  • 前挡玻璃 & 司机左右的车镜:>94%IR 好的隔热膜
  • 后方座位的车镜 & 后挡玻璃: >70%IR 较黑的隔热膜

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