How Safety Films Protect Us?

What is safety film?

NS Cool Safety film comes with the thickness of 4mil- 7mil (100µm- 180µm). It is applied onto window glasses in order to retain the pane of glass in the window frame when the glass is broken. Safety film is a 2 in 1 film which can increase the security of your car and resist heat in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for driver and passengers. The thicker the film, the greater the protection offered by the glass when exposing to glass threats or criminal cases.

Why safety film doesn’t break easily?

Safety film is polyester film.  Polyester is also called as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is a strong fiber that can withstand wind, water and environmental resistance. During production, special solvents and adhesions are added to strengthen the bonds between polyester layers allowing the film to adhere effectively and strongly to the glass. Thus in the event of breaking, the interlayer keeps the glass layer bounded making the shape of broken glass into the shape of a spider web instead of sharp harmful pieces.

Benefits of safety film

  • Protection against accidental breakage/ smaller impact situations
  • Hold glass in place on impact, preventing dangerous flying glass shards
  • Reduce heat and glare

Important Notice

  • Safety film must be applied directly onto the glass but not the existing tint. The film can only works best under proper installation.
  • Do not wind down the window for 1 week after the installation of tint.
  • Do not clean the interior of the window (the surface with tint) with detergent or chemical.

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